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New Ips For Vanilla

chill_humanoid a posted Thu at 17:58
You can now connect to the Vanilla Minecraft server using either of the following: (yes, just like that. nothing before or after) or whatever will NO LONGER WORK!

That is all, carry on.
Yep! And you can connect here!

Hopefully by monday or tuesday you will be able to connect at the ip "" (yes, no, just :D

I will work on tekkit tomorrow, and hopefully get it up and running.
The minecraft server will have a few hours downtime today.

When it comes back, for a little bit we will have to connect to a new IP until I get set up

When the server is back up(i'll make a news post), you will connect to

Thank you for your patience.

As for tekkit! I will work on that later tonight, I was going to last night, but I got home MUCH later then i thought I would.

Tekkit Maintanence

chill_humanoid a posted Jul 10, 14
There will be maintenance on tekkit tonight from 12am til whenever im done.

That is all. :)

well theres more..but that's still in the works..and is slightly bigger. so that's another news post.

New Rule

chill_humanoid a posted Jun 17, 14
There is a new rule regarding your minecraft character on the website. You now HAVE to add your minecraft character to your enjin account. If you have not already done so(their are 8 of you registered on the site without a minecraft character connected) you have received a request forcing you to add your minecraft character.

New Users will be forced to add your minecraft character when you sign up for our site. This is so we can keep better track of our players.

If you do not know how to add your minecraft character please read this forum post.

Thank you, and have a great day Gridians.
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